Ceramic Soft Spot

    We're feeling greedy after reading Sight Unseen's stellar ceramic round-up featuring their pick of cool designers in the world of clay. All bases are covered with Alex Reed and Malka Dina's focus on form through to Jeremy Ayers pattern plays and the quirky side of things with Emily Mullin and Harvey Bouterse. There goes the budget.
    #trendspotting 18.01.17

    Ceramic Craving

    Our passion for ceramics shows no signs of abating after stumbling on Sharon Muir's fabulous forms when last in Melbourne. We picked up a couple of her nifty hand platters, which have found a new home in Haarlem. It seems it wasn't just us who were impressed,  The Design Files featured Sharon's work along with another of our favourite potters, Bridget Bodenham. Inspired by artefacts from ‘A Golden Age of China: Qianlong Emperor, 1736-1795‘ exhibition showing at the NGV, Bridget's work is completely charming and available at the NGV Design Store. And for the diehards, the Australian ...
    #trendspotting 03.07.15

    Ceramic Organic

    I spy with my little eye something beginning with i: our virtual collection of cool ceramics with a focus on intricate detail. Ai Weiwei's @Large exhibition was our catalyst with white porcelain flowers overflowing from sinks, toilets and baths on the infamous Alcatraz Island (image: Mae Ryan). From San Francisco to London, Skye Gyngell's Spring features an impressive artwork by Valeria Nascimento comprising 5,200 small ceramic petals (middle), a joy to see while sampling the menu. Working between China and rural NSW, Juz Kitson's organic ceramics are evocative and female (bottom). We ...

    Earthy Excellence

    Always searching for new sources of inspiration, we are currently loving the balance in Bobby Clark's geometric compositions, the figurative shapes in Caroline Walls' paintings and the ceramic creations of Milly Dent.

    All three artists have beautifully unique work, but we see a synergy via the use of tonality, texture and minimalistic forms.

    Composites Attract

    Kevin Solis, who we discovered on Sight Unseen's ceramic curatorial collection roundup, takes an experimental approach to traditional ceramic processes. We think the results speak for themselves with his exciting and vibrant range of composites. Check out our across the globe terrazzo post.

    Porcelain Walls

    Italian tilers already have cred but Cedit are raising the bar and taking the wall by storm. First up is Archeologie designed by Franco Guerzoni, a perfectly poetic take on the environment referencing the past with a contemporary edge. A collaboration with Studio Formafantasma is all about bringing back and merging intriguing inconsistencies from a hand-made era with the machine-made in the Cromatica collection, which we found in Frame’s grouting. It's not all flat though, the Rivielli collection by Zavan delves deep into the third dimension to striking effect and resounding ...

    We Love Clay

    New tome New Wave Clay published by Frame has us waiting with bated breath. Featuring 55 contemporary ceramicists not just embracing clay, but taking it to exciting new heights. Think new techniques, contributions from Grayson Perry and four chapters designed to evoke feelings in viewers: Joy, Simplicity, Structure and Nostalgia.
    #publish 10.04.18

    Wandering in the Woods

    Must See
    As fans of Finland we're itching to get down to Melbourne to catch Janetta Kerr-Grant's exhibition of ceramics inspired by Finnish forests. Janetta spent a summer wandering in the woodlands where the sun doesn't set noting pattern line and texture resulting in really lovely vessels that evoke the essence of the forest in a minimalist way. Step Into The Woods at Mr Kitly from 10 to 24 February 2018.

    Porcelain Power

    It's no secret that we're big fans of flowers and porcelain, so when the two come together it can only be a good thing. We recently unfurled the work of Owen Mann via This Is Colossal. His ceramic blooms have us totally in awe, painstaking perfection. We're left agog.
    #trendspotting 17.03.17

    Hanging Garden

    Must See
    Kris Ruhs's extraordinary Hanging Garden has been shown in both Milan and Paris, and to say it's pretty beautiful is something of an understatement. Made from ceramic and brass, we can only imagine the experience of being up close and personal with it. We found it on Ignant and we're reminded of our ceramic organic post.
    #exhibition 14.07.16