Colour agogo

    ...And pattern too! We're itching to spend some time in L'Arlatan, an amazing hotel with roots in the Middle Ages. Recently re-envisioned by artist Jorge Pardo and with some 6,000 square metres of mosaics throughout, this amazing hotel is a unique colour explosion in Arles. It sounds as close to living in an artwork as anything we can dream up. Learn more about it with Wallpaper's fascinating history. Images by Pierre Collet.

    Going under

    A new museum in Helsinki has transformed a former underground bus station into a fascinating underworld showcasing the gamut of art practice. What's more, Amos Rex is an astonishing example of art galleries becoming architecturally more like sculptural installations themselves. Learn more about it at The Guardian. Image: JKMM Amos Rex Mika Huisman.

    Take two


    Oskar Zieta and Isaac Monté are two designers we have our eyes on. They both took part in The Random Collection in Brussels early in the year, and recently again at Biennale Interieur. Taking texture and technique into new territories Isaac's Crystallized Chair and Oskar's Harmony Emerald-Blue sculpture are tantalising our senses.


    Urban jungle

    Theatre-goers are in for a treat when the Wuxi Show Theatre opens late in 2019. To our eyes it's theatre itself. Explore the ins and outs of this golden bamboo by Steven Chilton Architects on dezeen.

    Blowing up

    Taking the humble bubble tent to a whole new level is this nifty inflatable pod. Inspired by global warming, these pack-and-go nomadic rooms merge blow-moulding, glass-blowing and 3D printing techniques to create custom-made tents for particular environments. We'd suggest reading Frame's article to put yourself in the picture.  

    Bedroom eyes

    Taking up residence in a 19th century Mexico City mansion for their recent product launch, Vidivixi focused on form with a twist. We’ve fallen hard (and surely elegantly on the mirrored floor) for this sublime room featuring the centrepiece of the collection. As designer Grattan says ‘the world needs more beautiful beds’ and with interiors like this, we’re want to agree. Head over to Sight Unseen for an interview and eye candy.

    Octopodes unearthed

    Ancient mosaics dating from the 4th century BC (read OLD) have been revealed during an excavation in Arta, a small city in northwestern Greece. Made from pebbles, we’re especially fond of this octopus and fascinated at how modern and well preserved it is. Unearth more on Colossal, or check our Below the Surface in Amsterdam. Images courtesy Ephorate of Antiquities of Arta.

    Flat white

    If you fancy your flat whites super flat then Seoul's Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 is the place to be. Cartoon-like two-dimensional drawings not only cover the walls with 3D elements, but forms such as chairs and cups are also given a 2D makeover for full flat effect. Cute as! Found on Colossal.

    On the pulse

    The 26th Biennale Interieur is set to take place in Belgium's Kortrijk from 18-22 October. As part of the Interieur Festival, To Object will feature young designers and emerging studios who will present their creative work in a disused hospital, which can only make for totally sick juxtapositions. Image by Dennis De Smetto.

    Minimal eclectic

    Estupendo! French architect Pierre Yovanovich has recently restored the guesthouse at Quinta da Corte and we think it’s pure genius. Portugal anyone? Images by Jean-Francois Jaussaud.


    Didier Fiuza Faustino's XYZ Lounge in Ghent has turned the concept of cool conference venues upside down. It's out with lifeless venues and in with pale pinks, fabulous fawn marble and gorgeous green highlights to transform cavernous halls into striking spaces to meet and greet, or drink and dance. Part bar, lounge and convention centre, this is the place for cool congress. Head over to Yellowtrace for an in depth report and gorgeous images by Felipe Ribon.

    Location location

    When it comes to getting away we're always on the lookout for cool spots to unwind. What's topping our wanderlust list? We've always loved an A-frame house, so little wonder that Bjarke Ingels Group's A45 customisable and quick to construct iteration in upstate New York has us itching to get out into nature. If you need more space, then Antony Gibbon's Treehouse is the ticket. It's an exercise in structure and sustainability using locally sourced lumber in Woodstock New York. Both of these were discovered on designboom, while Creative Review's history of the humble cabin put us in ...