We love The Twig & Co.'s Tykography wood type blocks. While designed for kids, we can imagine a few big ones wanting a piece of the action too. There are four timeless typefaces: Gotham, Helvetica, Bodoni and Baskerville. We think the full set of 13 blocks is the go. Ink up and get printing!

    Paper Palette

    Hailing from Mumbai, nimble-fingered Sabeena Karnik's colourful paper-quilled letters have found an international following. They have featured on the cover of the vpro gids in the Netherlands and will be in full view soon as promotional material for the USA Olympic Swimming trials. We think they're medal worthy.

    Neural Networks

    Mesmerising is how we'd describe Erik Bernhardsson's project, a study using 50,000 fonts to train a neural network how to design a typeface. Head on over to his site to read a fascinating report or Co.Design to see more animations.

    Fonts Forward

    Buy Fonts Save Lives is a new initiative with a novel approach that aims to raise funds for cancer research and support. The typeface that set the wheels in motion is Laura, designed by project founder Paul Harpin as a memory to his young niece. Other designers have joined in with five fonts currently available at £20 a pop with more to come.
    #goodcause . 10.02.16

    Goin’ down to Memphis

    Mariano Pascual's take on Memphis style is one of the coolest we've seen. Think abstraction and juxtaposition: pastel hues vs primary shades and hard lines vs looser elements. It's part of the 36 Days of Type project, which in itself is rather nifty. Drop by It's Nice That to learn more.


    Cool Cuts

    This Is The Beginning Of Anything We Want takes the art of paper cutting to new heights. Stefanie Brückler's book is a beautifully executed travel diary that expresses and celebrates her memories and experiences typographically. We're beyond impressed, it's a feat of engineering.

    Stacked Caps

    Typographic treatments don't get much more vibrant or inventive than Chris Labrooy's boundary pushing alignments. Land of the free (above) is a new take on stacked caps and its a trailer type were big fans of. We recommend checking out his Instagram where you can find one of our favourites, his work for British Airways promoting their new travel destinations, Vienna. For more type wonder check out Design Milk's post The Art of Communication.

    Not to be Sniffed At

    Sarah Hyndman's Type Tasting is a rather extensive research project considering how fonts influence us philosophically and emotionally, and it's all done with a sense of fun. We're sure the Type Dating workshops at #LDF15 were a hit and we're still pondering how it's possible to identify a font using smell alone. The answers are sure to be her book of the same name due on the shelves any day now. Learn more on It's Nice That or Grafik.


    What better way to frame your face than with a favourite font? Weiden & Kennedy's aptly named Type range of spectacles are inspired by famous letter forms from American Typewriter to Times New Roman. Serif or sans? Tested on Creative Review.


    What do you get when a rule-breaking typographer meets an experimental photographer? Fe₂O₃ Glyphs, a Kickstarter project using a sort of magnetic ink known as ferrofluid developed by NASA in the 1960s. Collaborative partners Craig Ward and Linden Gledhill  have developed a conceptual, ornamental type system which has been met with syrong approval by backers. We can't wait to see the results.

    Thames Time Warp

    The story of the The Doves Type is remarkable. Following a dispute over ownership rights in the early 1910s, Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson made 170 trips to London's River Thames to discard the metal letters unbeknownst to his partner Emery Walker. Considered lost forever, designer Robert Green became interested in the work of The Doves Press and set about finding the missing type in the fast-flowing Thames. All-in-all 150 pieces were recovered, enough to digitise and create a new facsimile. The typeface is now available to wider audiences via typespec's restoration or Faure & Verona's ...

    Art Types

    Design duo Alexis Zacchi and Federico Pelat aka We Are Maniacs are behind some fancy font work in the form of their video Textures. Inspired by twenty-six contemporary artists, the duo created a compelling video matching an artist to a letter. The resulting A to Z melds design and art in one intoxicating film. View it on The Creators Project.