Green wall

    Studio Life

    As Australians transition to being plastic-bag free, Charter Hall’s Gordon Centre invested in a thoughtful borrow-a-bag initiative to help locals and the environment – because who hasn’t forgotten to bring their own bag?

    As a permanent installation shoppers are free to collect an eco-bag from those hanging on the wall and return it empty on their next visit. We came to the party with a leafy illustration which promotes the centre and guarantees the wall is looking the goods even when the bags are out on duty.


    Behind the scenes

    Studio Life
    The Ikon crew were thrilled to have famed photographer Petrina Tinslay drop by to capture the not-so-still life of our studio through her remarkable eye. We love these vignettes and the beautiful work she did with us on Butterflies and All Things Sweet.
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    Like a Local

    Studio Life
    What happened when Tamworth Square shopping centre asked us to create a blackboard style mural for their food court pop up? We pumped up the country music and started sketching. It's all about what Tamworth does best: fresh produce, music culture, farming and country life. We’re digging in to this town’s charm.

    Salute Smartstone

    Studio Life
    Oysters and champagne are two of our favourite things, especially when teamed with a smartstone honed surface. Borghini Naturale debuted in style as the Art Bar at Melbourne’s contemporary interior design event DENFAIR 2018. We took care of appearances in the show guide with a full page ad launching Smartstone’s lush Naturale Collection. Salute!

    Indelible Influence

    Studio Life
    We’re so sad to hear that Alun Leach-Jones left the world behind on Christmas Eve. Whatever he turned his hands to throughout his inspired career has left an indelible influence on the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Working closely with him on his retrospective book was such a privilege, check out the blog post from back in the day.
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    Taking off for the festive season!

    Studio Life
    From this Thursday 21 December, we’ll be exploring holiday galaxies, returning to the Ikon mothership on Monday 8 January with rockets full of fuel, ready to take on everything that 2018 has to offer. See you then!

    In Bed with the Best

    Studio Life
    After 15 years Bangarra bids farewell to stellar dancer, choreographer and director Deborah Brown. Early in her career Ikon forged a brand alliance between Peri Homeworks and Bangarra featuring Deborah in the campaign imagery. We delved deep into the archives to retrieve this shot and are proud that ‘In Bed with the Best’ is still on pointe. Timeless imagery shot by @carlottamoye and styled by @jude_cook highlighting beauty and grace.
    #clients . 19.12.17

    Smart Structures

    Studio Life
    It's all about engineering 'smart structures' for our internationally respected client Paul Davis. So when he approached us to develop his brand and build his website it made perfect sense for us to employ his philosophy as our foundation. We effectively present his experience in a streamlined one page site which is both smart and structurally sound.
    #clients . 15.08.17

    175 eagle

    Studio Life
    When This is Ikon was briefed to rebrand Brisbane’s 175 Eagle Street, we were in familiar territory on the back of our branding experience with other ‘Golden Triangle’ commercial properties.

    However this Charter Hall-owned building presented us with an entirely new brand personality to the CBD’s more dominant skyscrapers, with no less of a pedigree. The smaller size of the asset at 20 floors gives a more low-key, discreet prestige, and creates the advantage of a strong sense of community spirit within a modern corporate environment. This was reflected in the refined simplicity ...
    #clients . 14.06.17

    Modern Moon

    Studio Life
    To share the good luck vibes and MsB's mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival Ikon created a modern twist on the tradition. The butterfly icon, synonymous with the cakery brand, is featured as a ’night sky' pattern complete with a die cut on the wing representing the full moon. Other key elements such as graphic stripes, bold colour and metallic accents strike a new balance which is both upbeat and on brand.

    21st Century Trailblazers

    Studio Life
    Southern Cross Cable Network’s long-term partnership with AARNet has provided Australia with a high bandwidth corridor across the Pacific Ocean to North America and on to the rest of the world exclusively for research data transfers. Celebrating their international partnership, AARNet invited Southern Cross Cable Network and other key stakeholders to the opening round of the NCAA College Football Championship at ANZ Stadium.

    Ikon developed collateral for the exclusive event which included: invitations, name cards and a boutique booklet. The branding reflected themes of both ...
    #clients . 15.09.16


    Studio Life
    Prior to opening their new Maroubra florist and lifestyle store in early 2016, Hamblins co-owners Alysia Samperi and Victoria Hamblin consulted This is Ikon. Ikon developed the Hamblin's logo, along with business cards and note cards that encapsulate their brand essence – classic but cool, edgy yet conveying a sense of trust and community. The logo takes the form of a stamp, and rather than a branded sticker, the wrapping of each Hamblins floral offering is hand stamped with the logo on its signature brown, black and white paper layers.