There must be some mistake

    Wiggin Out

    When malfunctions and mishaps inspire mixed media art.

    "I recently came across photographs on an old hard drive that had been damaged by some kind of technical fault. The result was a set of pictures in which an unexpected mistake and its visual traces seemed to mean something. Using this haphazard little archive as a departure point, I have tried to piece together a series of discernible markers (both abstract and representative) that stand in for the activity that takes place in the studio, where things both do and do not make sense, and where the pressure of the former must often ...


    Gulliver Takes a Trip

    Wiggin Out
    What's with huge hands and feet in Europe this year? Two works are tackling big issues with a shot of humour Gulliver style: Mario Mankey has dropped giant feet into an abandoned German Bank in Berlin to startling effect while Lorenzo Quinn has a pair of gigantic hands emerging from the depths of the Grand Canal in Venice. Both via Colossal.

    Particle Decay

    Wiggin Out

    Particle decay fractal paradigm is the slightly confounding title of Paul Ferman's show at King Street Gallery. The sumptuous images have our full attention with the glorious detail and depth and sense of mystery.

    #onshow . 14.02.17

    Magic Mould

    Wiggin Out
    Mould has never looked so good. Antoine Bridier-Nahmias's Magical Contamination Tumblr has us hooked on the wonder of pattern of and palette created by bacteria. Dive into these Petri dishes or jump into a more woolly micro world. Learn more on Trend Tablet.


    Wiggin Out
    We love this ahead of the curve image by Enric Torres-Prat. It makes us smile and wonder. Had we seen seen it earlier it could have made a surreal appearance in our Sunny Side Up post.

    Picnic Panic

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    Michael Beitz is putting the fun back into lunchtime with playful skew-whiff sculptural tables. The University of Buffalo is the lucky owner of The Whippy, 2016 (above), while 'rolls first appeared at Banksy's Dismaland. Seen on designboom. Image (top) by Chad Cooper.


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    More surreal lips, this time from boundary pushing Prue Stent and Honeylong in glorious pink.

    Dead Beautiful

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    The perfect gift for Morticia Addams on Valentine’s Day, the corpse flower which blooms for just 48 hours and brings with it a foul-smelling scent, is rather beautiful and a contender for Strange Plants. Read all about its recent blooming in Adelaide on the ABC.


    Blowing Bubbles

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    We've no idea how this happened, but we love it. It's our take on Bubble Ball.

    Bubble Ball

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    If there's one sport that has captured our attention, it's Bubble Football. The rules are the same as for a standard game of soccer, only it's played with everyone encased in a big blow-up rubber ball. We can't wait for the World Cup. Let's get bouncing. Photo above: Julkina.

    Crazy Cool Kenzo

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    Thomas Traum's hypnotic in-store patterns and web graphics for Kenzo set your eyes on fire. Clashing colour, think vivid and pastel, and colliding form, think dots and stripes come together in over-the-top images guaranteed to linger in the mind for some time. For full effect head to Thomas's website to be transported into another visual realm. Tripped on at It's Nice That.

    Street Demon

    Wiggin Out
    This is our favourite of Julian Glander's gripping gifs. We've been going round and round for weeks now. Found on It's Nice That.