Cut & Paste

    Collage is once again gaining ground as one of the coolest art forms on the planet with contemporary artists giving the medium a fresh cut across the globe. To start, we're stepping back in time to the tumultuous 1920s when German Dadaist Hannah Höch (above) picked up her knife and began making political collages with a humourous edge and an early dash of feminism. Largely overlooked by art history, it's Hannah's time to shine with an extensive retrospective at London's Whitechapel Gallery. Back to the present, John Stezaker's (below) enchanting photo montages won the prestigious 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for their simplicity, dry humour and clever use of black and white archival photographs. We'll get our chance to see John's work up close in the 2014 Biennale of Sydney later this year. With so much terrific work out there to showcase, it's hard to pick just a few to mention. That said we're enjoying Sarah Eisenlohr's quirky experiments with scale (bottom) and we love Valero Doval's Aerofauna series (final image) which was used on the cover of Elephant magazine which focused on contemporary collage. With so much activity it's little wonder that publishers have gone to press with tomes The Art of Collage and Cutting Edges both showcasing new talent. We're feeling inspired to grab a pair of scissors ourselves to see what we can come up with.