• This Is: Curvy

    Furniture makers Nicholas Gardner and Saša Štucin, aka Soft Baroque, are all about pushing boundaries when it comes to their pieces. Their latest work takes inspiration from the digital realm, a sort of Flintstones meets Photoshop, to create clunky organic forms. We like them squat! Sight Unseen has the low-down. Images by Clemens Kois.
    This is : 9:03 am : 19th April 17
  • Snap: Surat, India 1.05 pm

    Snap : 9:22 am : 18th April 17
  • Flashback: Harlem Renaissance

    If Hyperallergic's in depth article on the Harlem Renaissance exhibition is anything to go by, Gather Out of Star-Dust is well worth venturing to the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University in Connecticut, even with just days to go. Featuring ephemera, maps, photographs, manuscripts and way more from a period when “African American cultural and intellectual endeavor surged into the American mainstream” according to Melissa Barton, organiser of the exhibition, this is one show bound to excite the senses and inform the mind. Images: Stephen Longstreet, illustration...
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  • Dali Dinner

    Taschen have reprinted a special edition of Les diners de Gala (above), a surreal cookbook by Salvador Dali featuring fabulous food and captivating collages worthy of our Paste Up post. And if you're Mad about surrealism then Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam is the place to sample more marvelous morsels from Dali and his contemporaries through to the end of May 2017. Image below: Leonor Fini, Due Donne, 1939. Collection of Ulla and Heiner Pietzsch © Pictoright Amsterdam 2017.
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  • Snap: Whale Beach 9.33 am

    Snap : 9:11 am : 10th April 17
  • Ceramic Cravings

    Satiating our ceramic cravings is no mean feat, but that's exactly what Anna Barlow has done with her whimsical work featuring melting and oozing food in all its gooey glory that was shown at Ceramic Art London 2017 last weekend. Images by Juliet Sheath.
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  • Paste Up

    The charm of collage continues to lure artists, and others, in. Since our round-up in 2014 we've snipped a couple of new favourites starting with Waldemar Strempler (above) whose work Trendtablet has singled out as capturing the essence of the times. Next up and at 71 is Romanian collage artist Ion Bârlādeanu (below) who was discovered in 2008 following a 20 year period of homelessness. It's Nice That's article is well worth a read and the place to see more of his sometimes witty work.

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  • Snap: Beeklaan 5.41 pm

    Snap : 9:03 am : 3rd April 17
  • Fontificate: Red white blue black

    For full effect watch red white blue and black repeat here. German student Marc David Spengler's work has our attention. We're particular fans of his sketchbook gifs which we discovered via étapes. He's one to watch.
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  • This Is: Stockholm Stopover

    With a spring in its step, Stockholm has woken from its winter slumber with a slew of opulent offerings. First up is Alma, a members club providing opportunities for social nourishment, the learning of new skills and far more. We'd join just for the interior. Artilleriet, which we found on In/Out, is the place to shop for cool objects. We adore Marc Braun's mortar and pestle although it has us in a major marble quandary. And for sustenance it's Agrikultur where the focus is on seasonal Swedish ingredients from an open kitchen. For more nordic tips check out Sight Unseen's roundup.
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  • Snap: De Constaant Rebecquestraat 4.56 pm

    Snap : 9:28 am : 27th March 17
  • Fun with Names

    It's a brave campaign that plays on the mispronunciation of a brand's name, but that's just what The Sacred Egg did with their client MailChimp. JailBlimp, KaleLimp and MailShrimp are surreal, fun one minute promos well worth watching. Catch them on It's Nice That along with an intriguing article about how the creative process.
    Playlist : 9:22 am : 24th March 17