• Seeing Differently

    Giacometti, one of our all time favourite artists, is currently on show at Tate Modern, and in a stroke of genius the program includes a series of Interpreting Giacometti workshops with the Clay Collective. We'd love to express our figurative side and can be ready to board the next flight to London to take part. In the meantime we're in awe of his wisdom: "I am very interested in art but I am instinctively more interested in truth […] The more I work, the more I see differently." Image: Alberto Giacometti, The Dog 1951, Kunsthaus Zürich, Alberto Giacomette Stiftung (inv. GS47) ©...
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  • Snap: Avalon 1.26 pm

    Snap : 8:36 am : 22nd May 17
  • Sate: Taste Sensation

    Take our word for it, foodie tours don't get much better than this. Taste of The Opera House kicks-off with a cocktail making course, fresh seafood and a charcuterie selection just before noon followed by stops in the Sydney Opera House’s restaurants and bars. Cue watering mouths! Next stop is a sashimi and sushi masterclass, lunch at Portside Sydney followed by dessert and a 'theatrical' cocktail at Bennelong. Count us in on this once a month taste sensation. Images: Jacquie Manning.
    Sate : 9:51 am : 19th May 17
  • Down the Gurgler

    MacGuffin is a magazine devoted to the life of things. Each issue takes a single ordinary thing as its focus and then tells fabulous stories about it. Who'd have thought a magazine purely about the common sink would be positively enthralling? Back issues include The Rope, The Window and The Bed, all fascinating and entirely collectible. It left us wondering how the idea came about, a question Print answered in a captivating interview with founders Kirsten Algera and Ernst van der Hoeven. The story starts with a Vietnamese water buffalo and a moped...
    Publish : 9:38 am : 18th May 17
  • Playlist: Last Days

    What better place to take in I AM HEATH LEDGER than at the iconic Hayden Orpheum. Celebrating the life of Heath Ledger, the feature length documentary looks through the lens of his own camera complete with insightful interviews from luminaries such as Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Ang Lee, Catherine Hardwicke and his family to name but a few. Be quick, last screening is 22 May 2017.
    Playlist : 9:16 am : 17th May 17
  • Snap: Lewisham 6.30 pm

    Snap : 9:34 am : 15th May 17
  • Get Your Greens

    If stomaching your greens is hard to take, Work No. 1000 by Martin Creed may be just the ticket. It transformed 500 heads of broccoli into 1,000 different stamps by cutting each head in half. The result is a veritable forest of prints, each one a different colour with hues culled from nail polish, standard artist pigments and car colours to name just a few. The work is part of Say Cheese! at Voorlinden showing in The Hague through to June 11 2017.
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  • The Path to Abstraction

    We can't wait to get our hands on a new book titled Georgia O’Keeffe: Watercolors 1916-1918 by Amy Von Lintel, which features almost 50 watercolours many at full-scale in glorious colour. Painted by Georgia O'Keeffe when she was living in Canyon, Texas, these watercolours reassert just how innovative she was as she moved into abstraction. Our faves are the landscapes...it’s hard to believe they're now 100 years old.
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  • Fontificate: Poster Power

    We know it's not spring, at least not Down Under, but we can feel the northern seasonal vibes thanks to Laura Normand's pretty cool Dutch posters spied on etapes. They were part of an exhibition about the Netherlands held in Paris.
    Fontificate : 9:34 am : 10th May 17
  • Snap: Weimarstraat 5.09 pm

    Snap : 9:33 am : 8th May 17
  • Statement Interior

    The Pavilion of Humanity is a collaborative project by Michal Cole and Ekin Onat, two women artists responding to a growing sense of political unrest. Michal's Living Room installation (pictured) caught our attention with its dizzying use of 25,000 corporate men's ties, an object that normally causes us to glaze over. Not here though, it's an evocative prop dealing with much bigger issues as reported by Artlyst. It's on during the 57th Venice Biennale, which will feature Tracey Moffat as Australia's rep this outing. Sisters are doing it for themselves.
    Good Causes. On Show : 8:54 am : 5th May 17
  • Crafty

    The inaugural Loewe Craft Prize presents a wealth of talent and judging by the jaw-dropping finalists we're sure choosing the winner was no easy task. The guy who got the gong is German cabinetmaker Ernst Gamperl for his monumental oak vessels carved from a 300 year old tree he found after being struck down by lightening. Celebrating craftsmanship and the beauty in imperfection it's terrific to see another prestige brand get behind the arts. Head to W for a round-up of the award, or why not jet to Madrid, New York, Paris, Tokyo or London to behold it first-hand?
    On Show : 8:22 am : 4th May 17