• Perspective Laprade

    French photographer Romain Laprade’s Instagram caught our attention recently via A Mag Curated By. We're completey capitvated by his purposeful perspective particularly his pools, which make us want to dive in. His website is packed with visual treats, take it from us, we've whiled away some time there this week.
    Architecture : 8:52 am : 23rd February 18
  • Only Oslo

    Wow! We're completely in love with Eva LeWitt's work, and our only wish is that Oslo wasn't so far away. Her penchant for soft unexpected materials has resulted in sublime pieces that are more muted than her father's bold work, think Sol LeWitt's paintings in Australia Square. Side on over to VI, VII Gallery for more or read Sight Unseen's insightful article complete with more of these stunning images.
    On Show : 8:54 am : 22nd February 18
  • Handle Attraction

    It's a closed door for boring knobs with Bonnemazou Cambus's collection of fantastical handles that are equal art and attraction. Push in on Design Milk for full details.
    Trendspotting : 8:51 am : 21st February 18
  • Snap: Vancouver 7.35 pm

    Snap : 8:31 am : 19th February 18
  • This Is: Serendipitous

    Colossal introduced us to the fascinating, sometimes surreal, work of Jonathan Higbee, a dedicated photographer with an amazing eye for unexpected juxtaposition. For the past ten plus years he has trained his eye on the streets of New York city in search of the unusual as evident in his series Coincidences. We love it, and highly recommend reading an inspiring interview with him on LensCulture.  
    This is : 9:09 am : 16th February 18Read More+
  • Sate: Bert’s? Yes Please!

    New on the block up north is Bert’s Bar & Brasserie in The Newport. If the promise of fresh lobster, a location overlooking Pittwater, an Oyster Bar, a Basque grill and a champagne doesn't get you there, surely an extensive wine list featuring 750 possible selections will. Where to start? Broadsheet's first peek is our pick.
    Sate : 9:14 am : 14th February 18
  • Pipe Dreams

    One of way of solving a problem is to rethink materials, and that's exactly what Hong Kong studio Cybertecture has done with their aptly titled OPod Tube Houses designed by James Law. They're basically concrete water pipes transformed into low-cost, stackable, potentially moveable, micro homes. Roll over to dezeen for more.
    Architecture : 9:21 am : 13th February 18
  • Snap: Maroussi 5.17 pm

    Snap : 8:30 am : 12th February 18
  • Wandering in the Woods

    As fans of Finland we're itching to get down to Melbourne to catch Janetta Kerr-Grant's exhibition of ceramics inspired by Finnish forests. Janetta spent a summer wandering in the woodlands where the sun doesn't set noting pattern line and texture resulting in really lovely vessels that evoke the essence of the forest in a minimalist way. Step Into The Woods at Mr Kitly from 10 to 24 February 2018.
    On Show : 8:56 am : 8th February 18
  • This Is: Nomadic

    Getting away from it all is never far from our minds, and it seems we're not alone. The Rolling Home Journal devotes itself to alternate living options and those who spend their lives on the road. Lodestars Anthology takes a different angle giving each issue over to a country with New Zealand the focus for the current issue. We're there! Rounding out the reading material is Boat with its city focus, but what to wear? Craig Green's A/W 2018 collection referencing boats as seen on dezeen. Check out our camping posts for ideas on where to pull on up.
    This is : 9:23 am : 7th February 18
  • Pencil This In

    The humble pencil is still a force to be reckoned. Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney's book The Secret Life of the Pencil: Great Creatives and their Pencils features evocative images of the favourite tools of artists and designers including Anish Kapoor, Tom Dixon and David Shrigley to name but a few. Another thing we'd like to pencil in is The New York Times Magazine's informative article, Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories, complete with stunning imagery by Christopher Payne. Go analog!
    Publish : 8:59 am : 6th February 18
  • Snap: The Farm 11.47 am

    Snap : 9:15 am : 5th February 18

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