• Culture Club

    Not just on saturday, Night Fever celebrates the architecture and style of nightclubs and discos from a cultural perspective. Taking in 1960s Italian clubs to Studio 54 and the Palladium (70s and 80s NYC) to naughties venues such as Berghain (Berlin 2004), the show promises a broad range of material from architecture and design to film and fashion. The image above is of Detroit-based designers Akoaki's mobile DJ booth called The Mothership designed to promote their hometown’s rich club heritage. Bust a move!
    Architecture : 8:41 am : 20th March 18
  • Snap: Eureka 5.09 pm

    Snap : 9:09 am : 19th March 18
  • Flying High

    What better way to celebrate than with an ethereal Janet Echelman woven sculpture. This beautiful colour cloud floated above Madrid's Plaza Mayor in February to celebrate 400 years. Check our dezeen for more information. Image: Joao Ferrand.
    On Show : 8:31 am : 16th March 18
  • Colour Coded

    We're all for interactive cool collaborations, and that's just what Zeeuws Museum X Das Leben am Haverkamp is. Four Dutch fashion designers (Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse) reinterpreted objects from the Zeeuws Museum collection via visitors' verbal descriptions of said objects. Each designer used these recordings to create their own colour-coded modern interpretation of old era objects. What's more there's a small room where the original objects can be viewed and compared. The transformations are both surprising and spot on. Check out Das Leben...
    Trendspotting : 8:30 am : 15th March 18Read More+
  • This Is: Monochrome

    Monochrome is a befitting title for CJ Hendry's upcoming four day show (April 5-8 2018) in New York's Brooklyn. It's here that she'll be transforming an industrial space inspired by how her collectors arrange their rooms around an art piece. Using just seven hues CJ will create an interior installation to match her ongoing exploration and fascination with coloured pencils. Find out more on Hypebae
    This is : 9:08 am : 13th March 18
  • Snap: Beeklaan 4.03 pm

    Snap : 9:06 am : 12th March 18
  • On The Nose

    We thought we may have had one too many when we saw the Sydney Opera House was staging The Nose, an aptly titled opera directed by master of all things surreal Barrie Kosky. Then our faces fell when we realised we'd missed its short season. Get ahead on Concrete Playground. Image by Prudence Upton.
    On Show : 9:41 am : 9th March 18
  • Soft Shell or Hermit Crab?

    Canadian artist Libby Oliver takes layering to the next level with Soft Shells, a series of portraits of people encased in every item of clothing from their wardrobe. It's a fascinating take on the daily complexity of gender, fashion and expression that crosses culture, belief and identity. Muffle up for more on Trend Tablet.
    On Show : 9:16 am : 8th March 18
  • Woof!

    Wes Anderson's new animation Isle of Dogs is out soon, and we're salivating in anticipation. From all reports it's one for dog lovers and fans of all things Japan. It's Nice That have a smashing article that's sure to whet your appetite, and if it doesn't there's always the trailer.
    Playlist : 9:40 am : 6th March 18
  • Snap: O’ahu 10.36 am

    Snap : 8:24 am : 5th March 18
  • Fontificate: Sensory

    Two typographic treatments have captured our attention for their sensory appeal. First up is a variable typeface called Sonic, a collaboration by Danish studio Kontrapunkt and Nippon Design Center, for electronics firm Goertek. It responds to ambient sound changing appearance on wayfinding and digital signage. Catch the frequency on Creative Review to see what we mean. Type Garden (via designboom) by graphic designer Sigitas Gužauskas takes a more organic approach using letter shapes as a kind of template to grow various plant species. Time to get sowing.
    Fontificate : 9:19 am : 2nd March 18Read More+
  • Perched above the Treetops

    Never mind life in the tree tops, this building has its sights set much higher. When finished in 2041 W350, a project by developer Sumitomo forest and architectural designers Nikken Sekkei, will be the world's tallest timber tower soaring high above Tokyo's streets and seemingly into space. Discovered on designboom, image courtesy Sumitomo.
    Architecture : 9:15 am : 1st March 18

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