Mystery Bay 6.17am


    Out of this world

    Studio Life
    Our client AARNet connects researchers who unravel mysteries of the universe. And so, the design of their Annual Report needed to sparkle like the work contained within it. But what to do when the optimism of our home planet is dampened by a pandemic? We found the answer in Creativity of course! We shifted the readers’ perspective, with 3D gradients and a colourful palette and showed the world that AARNet is making our future, bright.

    Avalon 7.45pm


    Back to School

    Studio Life
    Hands up who needs to know more about sustainable fashion? Join Wardrobe Crisis Academy here.

    We helped visionary Clare Press take her established brand to the next level and launch an inspiring new online education program.

    Photo by Valdemaras D.

    Adelaide Markets 3.33pm


    Creativity takes flight

    Studio Life
    Encourage the community to colour its world. For Charter Hall Retail, we brought the outside in, set imaginations free and made its community, happy as larks.

    Avalon 8.27am



    Naturally, we love to collaborate on new brands, especially when they are kind. Right now, we’re busy as bees, working on a new product that aligns Head, Heart, Hand and Home. We know our client will clean up and we can’t wait to bring you more.

    Darlinghurst 6.10pm


    This is_connected

    Let’s design a new world
    Use 2020 vision to show us a new future
    The past twelve months shifted our perspective. It altered the way we behave and what we value. We’re choosing brands to match; ones that show they understand us and they care. We’re looking for businesses that guide us to a better way of being. Will your brand do that?

    Together, let’s design a new world.

    Show me the way home
    Inspire us with a new way to live. Take us to a bright future with products and services that tantalise us and show us the way. Influence us with your unique style and the way you behave. Gain our ...

    Avalon 9.42pm


    Retro refresh

    Studio Life
    Ikon is a big fan of a logo refresh, especially when being tasked with the challenge of incorporating existing elements in a new way. We have recently tackled this brief for two shopping centres, Albany Plaza and Currimundi Markets. Although on opposite coasts of Australia, they are part of the same Charter Hall retail ‘family’ and both have icons in their logos which resonate with their communities; the whale and the starfish respectively. Our solution was to modernise these illustrative devices, plus update colour palette and typography. Together these refinements bring a ...