Adding up

    Studio Life

    Ikon was tasked with pushing the design boundaries on AARNet’s most recent annual report.

    With strong guidelines and serious information to deliver, we chose to keep the design simple and create pace through colour and pattern. Interconnectedness is a key theme within the business and as a major networker provider for Internet services to Australian education and research communities and their partners. We developed a fluid graphic device which was inspired by the underground cables which connect customers and also represents continuity and communication. This wave-like pattern ...


    Avoca 1.40pm


    Playful Palette

    The Golden Age Cinema is one of Ikon’s favourite neighbourhood haunts and what better excuse to go than when 'Le Mépris (Contempt)’ screens at their summer series 'Ciao Europa’? A triple treat of location, primary colour and romantic tension, it is one of director Jean-Luc Godard’s most talked-about movies, Set between Rome and the south of Italy, majestic mediterranean seas contrast with a tumultuous relationship between Paul (Michel Piccoli) and Camille (Briget Bardot) in a bold palette of predominantly yellow, red, blue and white. Godard explores the power of colour to ...

    William Street 8.54pm



    Studio Life
    A fun collaboration naming, branding and packaging Belleview Art x Style. Launching with a single series of framed photographic prints and a view to expanding into a range of homewares, the brief was to create a brand which was simple, bright and with broad audience appeal. We took inspiration from the frame corner graphic device to create a simple brandmark which has a sense of focus as an icon and works effectively as a repeat pattern in various scales on packaging. The fresh yellow and white colour palette is as optimistic as the brand’s sunny Australian heritage.

    Surry Hills 7.42am


    Win Win

    Studio Life
    Our Ready-Set-Collect campaign for client Charter Hall won in its category at the recent Shopping Centre Council of Australia (SCCA) Marketing Awards. Leveraging the popularity of the animal mascots we created for the retailer and kids’ penchant for collectibles, this back-to-school gift with purchase promotion was designed to drive sales over four weeks. While the naming, vibrant creative and limited edition products were all pivotal to the campaign’s success, we believe that offering kids the opportunity to personalise their merch with colouring pens is a win for creative ...

    Redfern 6.00pm


    A winning Chapp

    Studio Life
    Savvy shopping centre giant Charter Hall briefed Ikon to design and name a two-way digital platform to improve and streamline communications between tenants and management nationally. We named the platform ‘Chapp,’ a reduction of ‘Charter Hall/CH app’ and as a friendly personification of management personnel. Chapp recently took home a trophy from the Shopping Centre Council of Australia Marketing Awards, where a judge described the initiative as a “smart use of technology which enabled more effective outcomes for tenants.”

    Winner – Innovation category, SCCA Marketing ...

    Carriageworks 8.40pm


    Illustrating a community initiative

    Studio Life
    Ikon’s vibrant illustration is coming to life as the ‘Bookworms’ mural at Sunnyside Mall. The organic shapes and upbeat palette celebrate the tropical locale of Murwillimbah and provide the perfect backdrop for the ‘trees’ we have proposed as shelving for this dedicated community space.

    Bondi 11.58am