Alphabetical Animations

    We can’t take our eyes off the mesmerising animations by motion design studio, Mr Kaplin. The ‘A Month of Type’ project, released last March on the studio’s Instagram, reimagines the alphabet in graphic short films with a soundtrack by BXFTYS. Each installation was inspired by an object, machine or concept beginning with that letter, such as ‘Reflective R’ and ‘Planetary P.’ See how your initial has been interpreted at A Month of Type. Like more? Check out 36 Days of Type, a global typographical animation project during April and May.

    Colourful illustration

    Studio Life
    Loving this illustration as much as we love working with clients open to exploring art and creating colourful destinations. Stay tuned for more…

    Carriageworks redfern 5.19pm


    There must be some mistake

    Wiggin Out

    When malfunctions and mishaps inspire mixed media art.

    "I recently came across photographs on an old hard drive that had been damaged by some kind of technical fault. The result was a set of pictures in which an unexpected mistake and its visual traces seemed to mean something. Using this haphazard little archive as a departure point, I have tried to piece together a series of discernible markers (both abstract and representative) that stand in for the activity that takes place in the studio, where things both do and do not make sense, and where the pressure of the former must often ...


    Wylie’s Baths 11.47am


    Paramount Hotel 11.20am


    Masquerades + Mythology

    Folklore is Fascinating. Defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "The traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth,” folklore is a rich source of inspiration for us.

    From the far reaches of the globe we 
    have most recently been fired up by Charles Fréger's incredible Wilder Mann series and the power of his new exhibition Fabula in Milan. See more in Lyon at the Yokainoshima, Spirits of Japan show and sit tight for his new book Cimarron due to hit shelves February 2019.

    Stop by Houston Texas where the Egungun ...

    Eveleigh Works 9.15pm


    Life aquatic

    Studio Life
    Five fabulous sculptures by local artists exhibited around Secret Harbour Square attracted locals to view and vote for their favourite on an accompanying iPad. Proceeds from their sale at auction was presented to the deserving groups. Our vibrant project creative reflected the marine-themed artworks and coastal location.

    Avalon 4.34 pm


    The big reveal

    Leading light designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson were at the forefront of Australian fashion from the late 1980s right up to just a few years ago when they zipped up shop in 2016.  The Designers Guide: Easton Pearson Archive is a fabulous exhibition showcasing their unique style and vision carefully selected from a multitude of garments, accessories and assorted ephemera. Head north to catch it and take in this interview with Lydia on The Design Files. Image by Jono Searle, courtesy of Museum of Brisbane.
    #archivefever 22.01.19

    Around the clock

    Must See
    Monumental in scope is how we'd describe Christian Marclay's phenomenal work The Clock currently showing at Tate Modern. For an overview of what it's all about and what it is checkout this article on the award-winning video installation. It's on through to 20 January 2019 in London.