Studio Life
    Massive tome effort! We’re proud of this project and that it’s been shortlisted in 2019 Sydney Design Awards. Congrats to everyone involved.⁠

    Cover Weddings, Butterflies & the Sweetest Dreams. @bonnaeg @msbscakery⁠ Creative direction & book design: This is ikon Photography: Petrina Tinslay⁠ Food Stylist: David Morgan Book shot by: Mark Lobo - Foliolio⁠

    Surry Hills 7.42am


    Making it stick

    Studio Life
    As the social hub of a skate-centric suburb, Carnes Hill Marketplace created workshops to keep local kids road safe while teaching them a few rad moves. The coolest kids in the park showing off their new kit ready to nail their next 540 mctwist.

    GoMA brisbane 10.14am


    High and Healthy


    Every archive is a rich source of inspiration and we’ve added this 1914 poster to our reference folder.

    We highly recommend catching Home: a suburban obsession at the State Library of Queensland. It’s essentially a fabulous photography flashback of Brisbane houses in the 60s and 70s. Maybe complete the experience with tea and scones or a white bread vegemite sandwich afterwards. No crusts of course.


    Bathurst 11.18am



    Studio Life
    Congratulations @petrinatinslay and well done team. We’re thrilled that this image taken for ‘Weddings Butterflies and the Sweetest Dreams’ has been shortlisted along with other stellar shots in the prestigious UK

    Pages from Weddings, Butterflies & the Sweetest Dreams. @bonnaeg @msbscakery

    Creative direction & book design: @thisisikon_

    Photography: @petrinatinslay

    Food Stylist:

    Today’s palette

    Studio Life
    8.55am coming to us directly through the window.

    Alphabetical Animations

    We can’t take our eyes off the mesmerising animations by motion design studio, Mr Kaplin. The ‘A Month of Type’ project, released last March on the studio’s Instagram, reimagines the alphabet in graphic short films with a soundtrack by BXFTYS. Each installation was inspired by an object, machine or concept beginning with that letter, such as ‘Reflective R’ and ‘Planetary P.’ See how your initial has been interpreted at A Month of Type. Like more? Check out 36 Days of Type, a global typographical animation project during April and May.

    Colourful illustration

    Studio Life
    Loving this illustration as much as we love working with clients open to exploring art and creating colourful destinations. Stay tuned for more…

    Carriageworks redfern 5.19pm


    There must be some mistake

    Wiggin Out

    When malfunctions and mishaps inspire mixed media art.

    "I recently came across photographs on an old hard drive that had been damaged by some kind of technical fault. The result was a set of pictures in which an unexpected mistake and its visual traces seemed to mean something. Using this haphazard little archive as a departure point, I have tried to piece together a series of discernible markers (both abstract and representative) that stand in for the activity that takes place in the studio, where things both do and do not make sense, and where the pressure of the former must often ...