Urban jungle

    Theatre-goers are in for a treat when the Wuxi Show Theatre opens late in 2019. To our eyes it's theatre itself. Explore the ins and outs of this golden bamboo by Steven Chilton Architects on dezeen.

    Paper folds & cuts

    Must See
    Fifteen creatives from diverse backgrounds are the stars of Muji's Kenya Hara's exhibition Subtle, the latest installment of the annual Takeo Paper Show. The potential of paper as a material is put to the test with the results championing Japanese minimalism. Let It's Nice That's article put you in the picture, or head to London to catch it. We love these delicate flowers, and almost can't believe they're made from paper!

    Seal Rocks 11.40 am


    Wandering ruby

    Difference and similarity are playing apart with two albums currently on high rotation here. Both Cat Power and Macy Gray made names for themselves in the 1990s, and both have recently released new albums that mark return to forms and moving through and rising above past challenges with grace.
    #girlpower 16.11.18

    Confounding collections

    Must See
    Upending ideas about how sculpture can be displayed is what Florian Slotawa's fascinating Stuttgart Sichten exhibition is all about. He was given access to Staatsgalerie Stuttgart's sculptural collection turning a creative eye to presentation resulting in a quirky show combining fine art and everyday objects with humour. Image: Florian Slotaw, OBI-Picasso 2018, photo by Henning Rogge  © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018.

    Dig in

    We're crushing on the idea of greenhouse smack-bang in the middle of a restaurant… especially when it looks like this. With true Danish style, green thumbs and an emphasis on fine Nordic ingredients, Vækst looks to be a tantalising treat on all fronts. Destination: Copenhagen! Images by Chris Tonnesen.

    Kepplerstraat 8.49 am


    Sticky pink

    Amsterdam has found a novel way to recycle discarded chewing gum: trainers! With some 1.5 million kilos of gooey-gum sticking up pavements every year, this initiative takes rethinking things to the street and cleans it up too. Hubba bubba! And if you're lost, you've got a handy map on your sole!

    Green wall

    Studio Life

    As Australians transition to being plastic-bag free, Charter Hall’s Gordon Centre invested in a thoughtful borrow-a-bag initiative to help locals and the environment – because who hasn’t forgotten to bring their own bag?

    As a permanent installation shoppers are free to collect an eco-bag from those hanging on the wall and return it empty on their next visit. We came to the party with a leafy illustration which promotes the centre and guarantees the wall is looking the goods even when the bags are out on duty.


    Blowing up

    Taking the humble bubble tent to a whole new level is this nifty inflatable pod. Inspired by global warming, these pack-and-go nomadic rooms merge blow-moulding, glass-blowing and 3D printing techniques to create custom-made tents for particular environments. We'd suggest reading Frame's article to put yourself in the picture.  

    Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue is Cut Copy's new track. It's a cool groove to beat the summer heat, at least that's we think. We're putting it through its paces in the studio.

    Nieuwe Werk 6.53 pm