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    Campaign preview launching 28 September in 8 participating shopping centres. To celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020, 'Always was, Always will be' our client Charter Hall is partnering with local schools to produce illustrations for a children’s story book. Written by Pilbara indigenous author Sylvia Lockyer the story will be based around social cohesion and community. We’re proud to be involved and excited to see what the kids create!

    Surry Hills 2.02pm


    Surry Hills 11.44am


    Rethink: The Way You Live⁠


    We designed this book with a trailblazing crew nearly a decade ago, but the message is still loud and clear. ⁠ ‘Rethink: The Way You Live’⁠

    Read more about the project here

    Creative Direction & book design: @thisisikon_⁠
    Published by: @murdochbooks⁠
    Editor: Amanda Talbot @amanda_talbot1⁠
    Publisher: Tracy Lines @tracylinescreative
    Photography: Mikkel Vang @vangsterama⁠
    Book shot by: Mark Lobo @foliolio⁠


    Avalon 7:45am


    Keeping it Green

    Studio Life

    Project Green Schools is a cool initiative by our client Charter Hall who are investing in their communities now and for the future.

    We created a clean, fresh and kid-focused campaign to encourage shoppers to vote for their school to win sustainable prizes and to teach everyone how to compost at home.

    Engaging and educating the next generation of green thumbs is a great step towards growing a healthy community.


    Your choice


    Like most people in lockdown and with more spare time than usual, our studio was finding it hard to choose what to do. The boys decided to solve the problem creatively, designing, and developing a simple website to prompt a choice for the small things.

    Although still in it's beta form with more features to come, it's sure to make netflix selections that little bit easier.


    Gibson’s Beach 5.44pm


    WFH Quarantunes


    Adjusting to life in isolation can give rise to some unexpected benefits, one our studio has enjoyed is a total monopoly over your own music choices. No more arguing who will be DJ for the day or subtlely logging onto the studio Spotify account to skip that one a song you can't stand. Now you can finally play 'Killing In The Name' as loud as you like, and on repeat with no complaints.

    Some great COVID-themed playlists have been popping up to get your workday started, Collins Sounds Vol.8 – WFH Quarantunes, Permanent Vacation by Paramount House Hotel, or Rec Club’s Mix Tape 1: The ...

    #music #studio life 20.05.20

    Avalon Beach 8.00am


    Engaging 2020
    through experience


    In current times it can be difficult to be seen and heard online. A web design trend we have noticed is using a simple and intuitive interactive element to engage with your online audience.

    A great example of this is shown by the online book store Penguin Random House. They personalise the selection process by asking two questions that cleverly narrow in on appropriate reading options for yourself or another as a gift.

    While social group SOS Violence Conjugale Quebec adopts a similar interactive module with Itsnotviolent to help grow awareness around aggressive messaging ...


    Avalon 8.22am