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    Two tracks

    A couple of tracks on high rotation here in the studio are Blame Fire by Petite Noir (love that image) and Wit' da Team by Genesis Owusu. Both tunes have us a sweating new material in '19. Break out!
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    Poster power

    Saul Bass's legacy continues to inspire with a comprehensive archive project focused on his posters. We love the universality of Saul’s work expertly explained by the archivist Matthew McCarthy: “I think the timelessness of the work comes down to an ability to distill a film’s story, message and atmosphere into a single, powerful image.” Approaching half a century on they still pack a punch. Find out and see more at It's Nice That.

    Going under

    A new museum in Helsinki has transformed a former underground bus station into a fascinating underworld showcasing the gamut of art practice. What's more, Amos Rex is an astonishing example of art galleries becoming architecturally more like sculptural installations themselves. Learn more about it at The Guardian. Image: JKMM Amos Rex Mika Huisman.

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    Head over heels

    We love colour and we're infatuated with Saturated: the allure and science of colour at Cooper Hewitt in New York. Considering the perception of colour through the eyes of artists, designers, scientists and sages, this exhibition looks at how designers apply colour theory using 190 objects spanning antiquity to now to do it. We highly recommmend the accompanying blog series for added insight. Images: Matt Flynn © Smithsonian Institution courtesy Cooper Hewitt.

    Float in

    Must See
    Tomás Saraceno's On Air exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris is all about the forces and entities that float in the air. Bringing together both new and old work, this multi-sensory installation provides the perfect environment for poetically pondering human existence. It's on through to 6 January 2019.

    Take two


    Oskar Zieta and Isaac Monté are two designers we have our eyes on. They both took part in The Random Collection in Brussels early in the year, and recently again at Biennale Interieur. Taking texture and technique into new territories Isaac's Crystallized Chair and Oskar's Harmony Emerald-Blue sculpture are tantalising our senses.


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    Bush Tucker Fusion

    Top end tastes are getting due credit. Scottish chef Jock Zonfrillo has been singing their praises using indigenous recipes from eons ago in his award-winning Adelaide restaurant Orana (via BBC). We think it's high time to head south to sample these taste sensations. Oh, and we're loving this painting featuring lemon myrtle, quandong, kutjera, dorrigo pepper and moreton bay fig shoots by Thelma Dixon.

    Viennese spirit

    Must See
    Egon Schiele aficionados will want to head to Paris for Fondation Louis Vuitton's expansive survey show featuring some 100+ works. It's fair to say this provocative modern master changed drawing bringing expressionistic line into the limelight. It's on until 14 January 2019. Image: Self-portrait with peacock waistcoat, standing, 1911. Gouache, watercolour, and black crayon on paper. Courtesy Ernst Ploil, Vienna.

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