Out of Thin Air

    Must See
    Curated by Colossal's Christopher Jobson, Inflatable brings together astounding air-filled artworks by artists pushing technology, scale and creativity to the max. It seems the sky's the limit for this gravity-defying show at the Exploratorium on Pier 15 in San Francisco through to 3 September. And why not grab a copy of Ordinary's latest issue devoted to Air featuring an empty plastic ziplock bag on the cover? Image above is Fantastic Planet by Australian artist Amanda Parer.
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    On The Nose

    Must See
    We thought we may have had one too many when we saw the Sydney Opera House was staging The Nose, an aptly titled opera directed by master of all things surreal Barrie Kosky. Then our faces fell when we realised we'd missed its short season. Get ahead on Concrete Playground. Image by Prudence Upton.
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    Must See
    The Design Files put us in the picture about the Intermission Project, a week-long experimental exhibition in a former TAFE building featuring 30+ artists in Melbourne. We're loving the raw energy and vibrancy so much (think Alcatraz or Gulliver) we're seriously considering a trip south to catch it before it ends on 21 January.  
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    Bounce Back

    Must See
    MAAS have got rainy days covered this summer with Future Park, an interactive, collaborative and colourful immersive environment bringing play and education into perfect harmony. And those giant balls pictured are musical providing opportunity to get all symphonic. Created by Japanese collective teamLab, it ticks our boxes and is on show right through to the end of April.
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    The Perfect Medium

    Must See
    One of photography's enfant terribles is the focus of an expansive exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and he needs little introduction. Robert Mapplethorpe: the perfect medium brings together portraiture, floral still lifes and erotica inspired by classicism and an unrelenting quest for beauty no matter what the subject. Scope it out! Image: Robert Mapplethorpe Self-portrait 1980, gelatin silver photograph. Jointly acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The J Paul Getty Trust. Partial gift of The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation; partial purchase with funds ...
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    Gathered Leaves

    Must See
    Known for his documentary work in and around his homeland of Mississippi and Niagara Falls, Magnum photographer Alec Soth has just opened his touring Gathered Leaves exhibition at the House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. It's a thoughtful and deep look at daily life revealing intimate portraits full of emotion. He's also keen on publishing with his Little Brown Mushroom imprint, which offers Winnebago Workshops on wheels for teens. Cool. Image: Two Towels, Canada, 2004 © Alec Soth / MAGNUM Photos courtesy deichtorhallen.de.
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    B is for…

    We didn't know we knew what borosilicate is, but if we cast our mind back to high school science labs and beakers it all becomes clear. Tom Dixon is taking the substance to giddy new heights with his sharp range of organically shaped vessels called Bump. We'll take a full set of teapot, teacup, water jug and vase. Head over to In/Out for an information rich article and more objects to covet.
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    Astonishing Antarctica

    Must See
    Artist Zaria Forman is inspired by our environment and no stranger to remote adventures. A four­ week art residency aboard the National Geographic Explorer brought her passions together to thrilling effect. Appropriately titled Antarctica, the resulting series of formidable drawings was shown in Seattle recently and even from this distance they're nothing short of breathtaking. Sail over to Strokeface for more insight into Zaria's work. Image: Whale Bay, Antarctica no. 4, 84 x 144", soft pastel on paper.
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    This Goes With That

    Must See
    Fun-loving Stefan Draschan takes people watching and patience to a whole new level with his nifty People Matching Artworks series of photographs taken in European museums and galleries. We love 'em! Check-out Colossal for full effect or Stefan's site for other keen observances. Images courtesy of Stefan Draschan.
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    Must See
    As fans of Leila Jeffreys's work we're very excited to learn of her new exhibition Ornithurae currently showing at Olsen Gruin in New York. The Design Files put us in the picture with a wonderful article and images while hinting at news closer to home: an outdoor exhibition at Sydney's Taronga Zoo celebrating Australian birdlife. It's on this November and we can't wait to fly over! Images: Topknot Pigeon, Emerald Dove and Superb Fruit-dove by Leila Jeffreys.
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    Must See
    It's an all-star cast at Powermask, an extraordinarily vast exhibition curated by Belgian fashion design Walter van Bierendonck. Playfully mixing cultural artifacts — think masks from Africa, Oceania, Europe, and America — with fine art, photography and fashion, it's a show that bends the mind with it's idiosyncratic sense of style and fun all the while being educational as it delves into our fascination with masks. With inclusions from Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Margiela, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Thom Browne to name but a few, it's a face-off you'll enjoy. It's on through to 7 ...
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    Must See
    Our interest is piqued, and we have to be quick if we're to catch a whiff. With a focus on scent as an artistic medium, Melbourne's Mr Kitly is showing Olfactory Art curated by Zibby Aitken. It's on through to 29 October 2017.
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