Ceramic Soft Spot

    We're feeling greedy after reading Sight Unseen's stellar ceramic round-up featuring their pick of cool designers in the world of clay. All bases are covered with Alex Reed and Malka Dina's focus on form through to Jeremy Ayers pattern plays and the quirky side of things with Emily Mullin and Harvey Bouterse. There goes the budget.
    #trendspotting . 18.01.17

    Copy Cat

    Concrete Playground have put in the legwork with their round up of the ten best Kit Kat flavours in Japan. Some you'd expect, others are a little odd. We'll take 'em chunky! Wasabi anyone?
    #trendspotting . 05.12.16

    Then & Now

    Everything's gone green, and that's just how we like it. Originally published in a 1978 issue of Vogue and shot by Horst P. Horst, The Television Room of Ferrières is one green room we'd like to be reclining in (above). Fast forward several decades, and green is still blurring the boundaries between in and outdoors courtesy of Dries van Noten with a carpet exquisitely executed by Alexandra Kehayoglou.
    #trendspotting . 11.10.16

    Floral Crown


    The ever inspiring Trendtablet tantalises with an intriguing article about a traditional Ukranian flower crown called the vinok. We propose everyone wears one for the beginning of spring!

    #trendspotting . 01.09.16

    Print Pirates

    Manhole covers are definitely having their day in the sun. Our latest sighting is Berlin-based Raubdruckerin who uses them as printing blocks to create cool t-shirts, totes and posters. And it's not just Berlin. Treks to Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon ensure the graphic goodness of these cities is covered too. Spied on Colossal.
    #streettreat #trendspotting . 19.08.16


    We spied Vanessa McKeown's brilliant tomatoloon on Instagram recently, and have since been introduced to the full spectrum of her colourful work. Her Instagram is a real treat.
    #trendspotting . 03.08.16

    Surf’s Up!

    If our surfing skills were up to par we'd be riding the crests on one of Kelly Wearstler’s awesome Zuma Short Surfboards. They're hand-crafted in LA and made from a range of spectacular woods in a homage to West Coast style. More for our Board Envy.
    #trendspotting . 13.07.16

    Singing in the Rain

    Thom Browne offers a little ray of sunshine with his palette perfect Resort 2017 collection. It's our current go-to shot for a smile: we love everything about it. We kept dry on Push It, but wholeheartedly recommend catching a shower in these hues. Image: Thom Browne.
    #onfleek #trendspotting . 01.07.16


    We're in knots that we missed Smalltown's Self Help for Plants exhibition at Melbourne's Mr Kitly last month. Nevermind, we've got our eyes on their Fractured Knotted Screen (above). And in keeping with the 'monocrame' theme, we love Libero Rutilo clever collection of design vases designed to transform ugly duckling plastic bottles into the stunning swans. We learned about them on Trend Tablet.
    #trendspotting . 29.06.16

    Spring Fever

    Sure it's Autumn, but if this is what we can expect from Spring, let's speed through winter. Double thumbs up to Dries van Noten. Get tantalised on In/Out.
    #onfleek #trendspotting . 06.04.16

    What’s With The Lips

    Surrealism is at play with lips popping up in unexpected places. We did a double take with Maison Margiela's perfectly formed glitter-pressed pout located on a model's neck. Maiko Takeda's Lip Hat projects the lip to the back as part of her stunning Cinematography collection.
    #trendspotting . 10.03.16

    Mirror Mirror

    Mathias Kiss makes wondrous mirrors informed by living and habitation and questioning past and future housing design. Whatever the inspiration the results are pretty beautiful and have us gazing in envy. Froissé Mirror is pictured.
    #trendspotting . 05.01.16