High and Healthy


    Every archive is a rich source of inspiration and we’ve added this 1914 poster to our reference folder.

    We highly recommend catching Home: a suburban obsession at the State Library of Queensland. It’s essentially a fabulous photography flashback of Brisbane houses in the 60s and 70s. Maybe complete the experience with tea and scones or a white bread vegemite sandwich afterwards. No crusts of course.


    Alphabetical Animations

    We can’t take our eyes off the mesmerising animations by motion design studio, Mr Kaplin. The ‘A Month of Type’ project, released last March on the studio’s Instagram, reimagines the alphabet in graphic short films with a soundtrack by BXFTYS. Each installation was inspired by an object, machine or concept beginning with that letter, such as ‘Reflective R’ and ‘Planetary P.’ See how your initial has been interpreted at A Month of Type. Like more? Check out 36 Days of Type, a global typographical animation project during April and May.


    Combining wayfinding with Colossal's playful air-inspired art exhibition was a task brand designers Collins took to with relish. Bright blue bouncing letters blew-up all over San Francisco’s streets, filling whatever space they were charged with to promote the exhibition with a sense of fabulous fun.

    Super Sleuth

    Superunion's investigative approach to typography has resulted in a clever custom-made visual identity for online investigators Elliptic. Don't believe us? Check the evidence Superunion's website or on It's Nice That.


    Featured on Adobe's Create magazine, Maurizio Sergiusti's Found Object Font is an exercise in fun and keen observation. We love the OMG gif. It lifted our day.


    Two typographic treatments have captured our attention for their sensory appeal. First up is a variable typeface called Sonic, a collaboration by Danish studio Kontrapunkt and Nippon Design Center, for electronics firm Goertek. It responds to ambient sound changing appearance on wayfinding and digital signage. Catch the frequency on Creative Review to see what we mean. Type Garden (via designboom) by graphic designer Sigitas Gužauskas takes a more organic approach using letter shapes as a kind of template to grow various plant species. Time to get sowing.

    Ampersand Action

    Back in May Velvetyne's worldwide ampersand call-out netted over 450 submissions from font fanciers across the globe resulting in an online gallery showcasing them all. Inventive and slightly kooky, a selection will be made and published in a book later in the year.

    Poster Power

    We know it's not spring, at least not Down Under, but we can feel the northern seasonal vibes thanks to Laura Normand's pretty cool Dutch posters spied on etapes. They were part of an exhibition about the Netherlands held in Paris.

    Red white blue black

    For full effect watch red white blue and black repeat here. German student Marc David Spengler's work has our attention. We're particular fans of his sketchbook gifs which we discovered via étapes. He's one to watch.

    Berlin Posters

    Patrick Thomas attributes the beginning of his series of typographic prints to slowing down, i.e., walking more. The images are details of letters from posters plastered across Berlin gathered on daily strolls. Get the full picture on It's Nice That, which is where we spied these little gems.

    Inked Up

    Letterpress usually conjures up images of old world wood block type. Not any more, A2-Type have teamed up with New North Press to create an aptly titled A23D 3D-printed letterpress font that promises to ring in a new era for the medium. Creative Review's interview with the makers provides insight into the process and the connection to architectural models.


    We all know ABC stands for Always Be Cool, and that's exactly what Craig and Karl's new identity for Berlin's Bread & Butter festival is. The eye-popping colour and emoji-style language of 'iconic and ironic graphics' has us itching to get to Berlin to be amazed first hand.