Naturally, we love to collaborate on new brands, especially when they are kind. Right now, we’re busy as bees, working on a new product that aligns Head, Heart, Hand and Home. We know our client will clean up and we can’t wait to bring you more.

    Dream day

    In the groove for an exciting new branding project and taking a minute to appreciate having the world literally at our fingertips! Mood-boarding is a dream any day but being able to access this insane inspiration is blowing our minds today. Thanks to all the humans who created it.

    Rethink: The Way You Live⁠


    We designed this book with a trailblazing crew nearly a decade ago, but the message is still loud and clear. ⁠ ‘Rethink: The Way You Live’⁠

    Read more about the project here

    Creative Direction & book design: @thisisikon_⁠
    Published by: @murdochbooks⁠
    Editor: Amanda Talbot @amanda_talbot1⁠
    Publisher: Tracy Lines @tracylinescreative
    Photography: Mikkel Vang @vangsterama⁠
    Book shot by: Mark Lobo @foliolio⁠


    Your choice


    Like most people in lockdown and with more spare time than usual, our studio was finding it hard to choose what to do. The boys decided to solve the problem creatively, designing, and developing a simple website to prompt a choice for the small things.

    Although still in it's beta form with more features to come, it's sure to make netflix selections that little bit easier.


    Masquerades + Mythology

    Folklore is Fascinating. Defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "The traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth,” folklore is a rich source of inspiration for us.

    From the far reaches of the globe we 
    have most recently been fired up by Charles Fréger's incredible Wilder Mann series and the power of his new exhibition Fabula in Milan. See more in Lyon at the Yokainoshima, Spirits of Japan show and sit tight for his new book Cimarron due to hit shelves February 2019.

    Stop by Houston Texas where the Egungun ...

    The big reveal

    Leading light designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson were at the forefront of Australian fashion from the late 1980s right up to just a few years ago when they zipped up shop in 2016.  The Designers Guide: Easton Pearson Archive is a fabulous exhibition showcasing their unique style and vision carefully selected from a multitude of garments, accessories and assorted ephemera. Head north to catch it and take in this interview with Lydia on The Design Files. Image by Jono Searle, courtesy of Museum of Brisbane.
    #archivefever . 22.01.19

    Head over heels

    We love colour and we're infatuated with Saturated: the allure and science of colour at Cooper Hewitt in New York. Considering the perception of colour through the eyes of artists, designers, scientists and sages, this exhibition looks at how designers apply colour theory using 190 objects spanning antiquity to now to do it. We highly recommmend the accompanying blog series for added insight. Images: Matt Flynn © Smithsonian Institution courtesy Cooper Hewitt.


    It's all about abstraction with BBC Two's new animated idents. From the elegant to the fun we're looking forward to future iterations. But for now the paper stop-motion has our undivided attention. Get in the picture on Creative Review.

    Sticky pink

    Amsterdam has found a novel way to recycle discarded chewing gum: trainers! With some 1.5 million kilos of gooey-gum sticking up pavements every year, this initiative takes rethinking things to the street and cleans it up too. Hubba bubba! And if you're lost, you've got a handy map on your sole!

    A guide to getting lost

    If you need help finding your way then a flip through the pages of Pentagram's The Maze: A Labyrinthine Compendium could provide some useful tips. It explores both real and fictional examples of mystifying mazes through illuminating illustrations and telling tales with a good dose of humour.
    #publish . 25.10.18

    Screen reading

    We're all set for more screen time thanks to New York Public Library's innovative Insta Novels. Designed to encourage a new generation to read, this clever and well designed initiative uses Insta Stories to tell actual stories. We're loving Alice in Wonderland, and recommend jumping down the rabbit hole to dezeen for the low down on this cool project.
    #publish . 18.10.18

    Beer with a Painter

    It's a simple premise, sit down with an artist and talk about their work over a beer. Hyperallergic's insightful interview series gets to the crux of their inspiration resulting in a greater understanding of the artist's rationale for the viewer. Image: After Shen Shicong 4, 2017, flashe on canvas by Emily Cheng.