We love chips

    Naturally, we're talking terazzo here. And it's not just us digging Marmoreal's big chips, Design Miami's Rodman Primack's bathrooms are covered floor to ceiling according to Sight Unseen's insightful interview with him concerning his collecting capers. Check out Terrazzo Time post for inspiration. Image by Sean Santiago.

    Mid-Century magnificent

    What's not to love about expanded versions of Thames & Hudson's nifty concertina books 'Mid-Century Modern: Icons of Design'? A collaboration with Here Design featuring more insights and information than the original publications in 2016, means we can't wait to sit down — in an Eames chair, naturally — to adore everything within. Full details on It's Nice That.
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    Hot on the Wheels

    Hot on the heels of the National Gallery of Australia's acquisition of Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room for their permanent collection comes word of MoMA's release of Yayoi-dotted skateboards. Those decks will be the envy of boarders everywhere! Images: MoMA/Yayoi Kusama and Yayoi Kusama.

    Colour genius

    We pretty well love everything Patricia Urquiola puts her hands to, and these exceptional rugs from the Rotazioni collection are no exception. Playing with repetition to emphasise three dimensionality coupled with her trademark colour genius makes us think that these carpets are almost too good for the floor. Head to dezeen for more.

    Composites Attract

    Kevin Solis, who we discovered on Sight Unseen's ceramic curatorial collection roundup, takes an experimental approach to traditional ceramic processes. We think the results speak for themselves with his exciting and vibrant range of composites. Check out our across the globe terrazzo post.

    Ahead of the Curve

    With surfing an Olympic sport from 2020, Bloom is championing gold and cadmium yellow as the ultimate in water warrior style. We’re on board. Full report on Trend Tablet.


    Mental note to self, must be quick off the mark with One Shot next year as it sells out fast. The premise is simple, One Shot selects photographers to shoot a roll of film with each shot on the roll sold. But here's the twist, the buyer doesn't get to see the shots first, and the negatives are destroyed to ensure it really is a one-off print. For an in depth article check out It's Nice That.

    Double Take

    Patterns in the hands of Markus Åkesson take on a wonderfully spooky aura. His painted, yes painted, portraits take signifiers and symbols to a deeper level than mere wealth and tradition. For him, it's all about emotion and melancholy, yet through repetition and pattern, safety and stability provide an edge that tips his images into a sheer beauty category all of their own. Get the lowdown on Markus's paintings on Colossal.

    Old as the New Cool

    Icons of advanced style have appeared on Play before, and now there's a fresh generation taking to Instagram with attitude and aplomb. We highly recommend The New York Times's must-read article The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram featuring our very own Aussie Jenny Kee. These women are challenging outdated perceptions of old age with inherent style and with some apt and funny quotes. Image by Georges Antoni.

    The Gallery of Emerging Species

    The Gallery of Emerging Species brings together a motley crew of critters made using Play-Doh all on display in their own online natural history-style home complete with their story. We love the Cloudsheep and highly recommend a visit for animated amusement. Get the story on Creative Review.

    Magadi Trailblazers

    We love this tale told in bold photographic images by Osborne Macharia. It goes something like this: Hailing from Lake Magadi, a group of women who were once circumcisers created a collective to help and shelter young girls escaping early marriage retraining them as fashion designers. These vibrant photos speak for themselves. Bravo!
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    Pile Partners

    Our imaginations have been captured by several carpet masters working their crafts in extraordinary ways. Vanessa Barragao's large-scale rugs evoke her Portuguese roots taking inspiration from the seaside with the results speaking for themselves: devastating detail to maximum effect. Delve deep into the shag on Trend Tablet. Dutch artist Lizan Freijsen takes things microscopic with her arresting patterns and palettes derived from mould. Yes, mould, and wow! do we love them. And who could forget Dries van Noten's spectacular catwalk carpet from a few years back? This feature on