Around the clock

    Must See
    Monumental in scope is how we'd describe Christian Marclay's phenomenal work The Clock currently showing at Tate Modern. For an overview of what it's all about and what it is checkout this article on the award-winning video installation. It's on through to 20 January 2019 in London.


    Must See
    Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren's exhibition at Rotterdam's Kunsthal presents a stunning array of large-scale black and white portraits of surfers from across the globe. The evocative images in Surf Tribe tell of connection and the love of the sea featuring young and old alike. It's beautiful! Image: Tamaroaarii Kalama, surf talent, Oahu, Hawaii, Stephan Vanfleteren.

    Incredible colour

    Must See
    As self-confessed colour aficionados we are in complete awe of the Alexej von Jawlensky Expressionism and Devotion exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum. Russian born Alexej moved to Munich where he moved to the forefront of the German Expressionist movement with his open-minded approach to colour in rich landscape, still-life and portrait work. Wow, incredible and intense! Image: Alexej von Jawlensky (1864-1941), Woman’s head, 1911.

    Float in

    Must See
    Tomás Saraceno's On Air exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris is all about the forces and entities that float in the air. Bringing together both new and old work, this multi-sensory installation provides the perfect environment for poetically pondering human existence. It's on through to 6 January 2019.

    Viennese spirit

    Must See
    Egon Schiele aficionados will want to head to Paris for Fondation Louis Vuitton's expansive survey show featuring some 100+ works. It's fair to say this provocative modern master changed drawing bringing expressionistic line into the limelight. It's on until 14 January 2019. Image: Self-portrait with peacock waistcoat, standing, 1911. Gouache, watercolour, and black crayon on paper. Courtesy Ernst Ploil, Vienna.

    Paper folds & cuts

    Must See
    Fifteen creatives from diverse backgrounds are the stars of Muji's Kenya Hara's exhibition Subtle, the latest installment of the annual Takeo Paper Show. The potential of paper as a material is put to the test with the results championing Japanese minimalism. Let It's Nice That's article put you in the picture, or head to London to catch it. We love these delicate flowers, and almost can't believe they're made from paper!

    Confounding collections

    Must See
    Upending ideas about how sculpture can be displayed is what Florian Slotawa's fascinating Stuttgart Sichten exhibition is all about. He was given access to Staatsgalerie Stuttgart's sculptural collection turning a creative eye to presentation resulting in a quirky show combining fine art and everyday objects with humour. Image: Florian Slotaw, OBI-Picasso 2018, photo by Henning Rogge  © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018.


    Must See
    Supernatural sight, uncanny occurances and peculiar transformation are what you can expect at White Rabbit's new exhibition featuring contemporary Chinese artists. With all manner of strange pieces, the aim is to draw attention to our precious planet and the affect we're having on it.


    Must See
    Circuit training in Kortrijk has taken a fun turn with PLAY, a festival designed to bring out the kid in us all. Traipse through the city on a discovery tour of playful works that encourage engagement and make for intriguing interactions. Reckon we'll be taking a few laps. Image by Heidi Voet, When all the world is a hopeless jumble, 2018. Oh, and we're big fans of their branding too!

    Forever & ever

    Must See
    Sydney Dance Company's double bill is a masterful act of programming. Frame of Mind plus Antony Hamilton’s new work Forever & Ever, which features The Preset's Julian Hamilton's pulsating original score. Completely captivating! Be quick it's a short season 16-27 October.


    Must See
    Webs of red string have enveloped the Art Gallery of South Australia as part of Chiharu Shiota's takeover of several spaces down there. Comprising three major projects, Chiharu's first public exhibition on Australian soil is one we want to immerse ourselves in. Read Broadsheet's enlightening article. Image by Saul Steed.

    High-wire walker

    Must See

    Fancy a walk on the wild side? Or should that be high side? The Funambulist Dream soars to new heights in its portrayal of high-wire walker Andrea, and his insightful world view. Incredible and beautiful, poetic and reflective. We recommend repeat views. Via Nowness.