2023 on the horizon

    Studio Life
    They say that when you are having fun, time flies...and this year has skyrocketed!

    It's been fuelled by inspiring projects, people and places. We are eager to see where 2023 takes us.

    The Ikon team are cooling their jets from the 22nd December but will be back on deck from the 9th January.

    Happy holidays!

    United We Shine

    Studio Life
    Working with Pacific Square, Ikon helped bring their recent Mardi Gras campaign to life.

    Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, the campaign focused on consumer awareness via in-centre promotions and entertainment celebrating the event.

    Ikon utilised the recent rebrand guidelines, with the iconic rainbow vector as it’s hero. From large banners to centre long floor decals, it was impossible to miss and shine, it definitely did!

    This is_a wrap

    Studio Life
    Looking back on the year that was inside, but fun.
    Now it’s time to say goodbye to 2021.
    We’re closing down on 22nd December.
    Ready to make 2022 a year to remember.

    So, enjoy your mangoes, prawns, and ham.
    We'll look forward to seeing you from the 10th of Jan.

    Out of this world

    Studio Life
    Our client AARNet connects researchers who unravel mysteries of the universe. And so, the design of their Annual Report needed to sparkle like the work contained within it. But what to do when the optimism of our home planet is dampened by a pandemic?

    We found the answer in Creativity of course! We shifted the readers’ perspective, with 3D gradients and a colourful palette and showed the world that AARNet is making our future, bright.

    Back to School

    Studio Life
    Hands up who needs to know more about sustainable fashion? Join Wardrobe Crisis Academy here.

    We helped visionary Clare Press take her established brand to the next level and launch an inspiring new online education program.

    Photo by Valdemaras D.

    Creativity takes flight

    Studio Life
    Encourage the community to colour its world. For Charter Hall Retail, we brought the outside in, set imaginations free and made its community, happy as larks.

    Retro refresh

    Studio Life
    Ikon is a big fan of a logo refresh, especially when being tasked with the challenge of incorporating existing elements in a new way. We have recently tackled this brief for two shopping centres, Albany Plaza and Currimundi Markets. Although on opposite coasts of Australia, they are part of the same Charter Hall retail ‘family’ and both have icons in their logos which resonate with their communities; the whale and the starfish respectively. Our solution was to modernise these illustrative devices, plus update colour palette and typography. Together these refinements bring a ...

    Colourful Constructs

    Studio Life
    Having a long-standing relationship with AARNet, Ikon was tasked to create their new video collateral. We took the opportunity to explore the existing guidelines bringing the palette to life through imagery and dynamic colour combinations.

    The result stays true to the brand but demonstrate how reinterpreting elements can deliver a fresh perspective. 2020 was a good year for evolution.

    Watch the full video here.

    2021 beckons brightly

    Studio Life
    What a year it’s been…
    for re-kindling creativity, re-discovering local and giving new things a go. What a year for championing the underdog and for human kindness. 2021 beckons brightly. Let’s keep these things close and use our experience to design a better future. Wishing you, your friends and families – wherever they might be, a Christmas full of soul. We'll be taking a break from Friday 18 December until Wednesday 6 January.

    Drawing us together

    Studio Life
    The NAIDOC 2020 community campaign we previewed a couple of months ago has wrapped. This project is close to our heart and it seems we’re not alone. Secret Harbour Square had over 60 kids’ artworks on display and almost 1,000 votes. Take a look at some of the Western Australian participants including the Pilbara indigenous author Sylvia Lockyer photographed at South Headland Square’s event. Drawing us together in more ways than one.

    Do try this at home

    Studio Life
    ‘Little lab challenge’ was a 10 day science initiative our client Charter Hall ran for stay-at-home school holiday fun. Us big kids are keen to get our hands dirty making a lava lamp. Check out the YouTube tutorial here.

    Tech T-shirt

    Studio Life
    As sponsor for the eResearch Australasia 2020 conference, our client AARNet approached us to create the graphic for a t-shirt to be gifted as part of a care package to conference attendees.

    The conference focus is new eResearch capabilities and how information and communication technologies help researchers understand data. We aimed to represent the variety of industry leaders speaking at the conference, connected to the central ‘server’ which reflects the event and the storage of data.

    We’ve had a great response to the t-shirt illustration and the graphic has been applied ...