The big reveal

    Leading light designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson were at the forefront of Australian fashion from the late 1980s right up to just a few years ago when they zipped up shop in 2016.  The Designers Guide: Easton Pearson Archive is a fabulous exhibition showcasing their unique style and vision carefully selected from a multitude of garments, accessories and assorted ephemera. Head north to catch it and take in this interview with Lydia on The Design Files. Image by Jono Searle, courtesy of Museum of Brisbane.
    #archivefever 22.01.19

    Around the clock

    Must See
    Monumental in scope is how we'd describe Christian Marclay's phenomenal work The Clock currently showing at Tate Modern. For an overview of what it's all about and what it is checkout this article on the award-winning video installation. It's on through to 20 January 2019 in London.


    Must See
    Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren's exhibition at Rotterdam's Kunsthal presents a stunning array of large-scale black and white portraits of surfers from across the globe. The evocative images in Surf Tribe tell of connection and the love of the sea featuring young and old alike. It's beautiful! Image: Tamaroaarii Kalama, surf talent, Oahu, Hawaii, Stephan Vanfleteren.

    Crosby St NYC 11.59 am


    Wishing you a blooming bright summer break!

    Studio Life
    We're on holidays from Friday 21 December. The studio will reopen with a flourish on Monday 7 January.



    Pyrotechnic fanatics and illustration lovers are going to explode over this nugget we found on Colossal: illuminating catalogues of fabulous Japanese fireworks from the beginning of the 20th century. Take us back!

    #archivefever 21.12.18

    Colour agogo

    ...And pattern too! We're itching to spend some time in L'Arlatan, an amazing hotel with roots in the Middle Ages. Recently re-envisioned by artist Jorge Pardo and with some 6,000 square metres of mosaics throughout, this amazing hotel is a unique colour explosion in Arles. It sounds as close to living in an artwork as anything we can dream up. Learn more about it with Wallpaper's fascinating history. Images by Pierre Collet.

    Incredible colour

    Must See
    As self-confessed colour aficionados we are in complete awe of the Alexej von Jawlensky Expressionism and Devotion exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum. Russian born Alexej moved to Munich where he moved to the forefront of the German Expressionist movement with his open-minded approach to colour in rich landscape, still-life and portrait work. Wow, incredible and intense! Image: Alexej von Jawlensky (1864-1941), Woman’s head, 1911.

    Getting Crafty

    Studio Life
    From learning how to make fruit rockets to designing your own eco-bag, kids spring craft activities and cooking demos required a fresh, fun promotion. Our watermelon popsicle animation did the trick! Applied to in-centre and online advertising the campaign promoted Pacific Square’s school holiday program, encouraging creativity and healthy food choices.

    Avalon SLSC 12.05 am


    Two tracks

    A couple of tracks on high rotation here in the studio are Blame Fire by Petite Noir (love that image) and Wit' da Team by Genesis Owusu. Both tunes have us a sweating new material in '19. Break out!
    #africacalling 13.12.18

    Poster power

    Saul Bass's legacy continues to inspire with a comprehensive archive project focused on his posters. We love the universality of Saul’s work expertly explained by the archivist Matthew McCarthy: “I think the timelessness of the work comes down to an ability to distill a film’s story, message and atmosphere into a single, powerful image.” Approaching half a century on they still pack a punch. Find out and see more at It's Nice That.