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    #girlpower . 26.11.18

    Wandering ruby

    Difference and similarity are playing apart with two albums currently on high rotation here. Both Cat Power and Macy Gray made names for themselves in the 1990s, and both have recently released new albums that mark return to forms and moving through and rising above past challenges with grace.
    #girlpower . 16.11.18

    Broken Politics

    The original Inna City Mamma is back! Neneh Cherry has just dropped her fifth album, her second with Four Tet on production. As the name suggests, this collection of tracks tackles the issues of the day, packing a punch or two here and there with subdued beats that are big on beauty.
    #girlpower . 02.11.18

    Sink Ya Teeth

    Norvicians Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford aka Sink Ya Teeth recently released their self-titled debut album that has our toes a tapping. While the tracks may channel the feel and sound of classic 1980s dance music, the sound is completely contemporary and original. No wonder it's garnering praise from near on everyone: The Guardian and Pitchfork for starters. Press play!
    #girlpower . 12.07.18

    Magadi Trailblazers

    We love this tale told in bold photographic images by Osborne Macharia. It goes something like this: Hailing from Lake Magadi, a group of women who were once circumcisers created a collective to help and shelter young girls escaping early marriage retraining them as fashion designers. These vibrant photos speak for themselves. Bravo!
    #africacalling #girlpower . 26.06.18

    Pulp Fiction

    Gloria Stoll Karn's career as a successful 1940s pulp fiction may never have been if it weren't for a keen eyed janitor saving her sketches from an incinerator. Check out her beautiful images in Hyperallergic's article about her life in a male-dominated world or head to the Norman Rockwell Museum for her full profile. It's a great story.
    #girlpower #publish . 14.06.18

    Mother’s Garden

    We've been tuning into Africa Seven lately and on the way have uncovered a few gems including Mother's Garden, a funky compilation of tracks featuring some of Africa's finest female artists in the mid 1970s and early 1980s. The collection acknowledges the musical contributions that these women have made crafting these sweet-sounding African melodies. Get those toes tapping.  
    #africacalling #girlpower . 01.06.18

    Things Have Changed

    The second in our Girl Power series is Bettye Lavette's new album Things Have Changed. It takes the cover version up a notch, and we've been spinning it over and over. For her tenth album Bettye has reinterpreted the songs of Bob Dylan stamping them with her own distinct style. Think bluesy grit and grooves teamed with her unmistakable voice. Another strong outing from a remarkable woman.
    #girlpower . 18.05.18


    Jenny Wilson is back with her critically acclaimed new album Exorcism, a cathartic exploration of her experience with sexual assault. It's a brave move that rewards with repeat plays thanks to its bold lyrics coupled with unwavering beats. Head to The Guardian or Drowned Sound and for reviews and interviews. And tune in here for more in our new series Girl Power.  
    #girlpower . 01.05.18


    Must See
    Monochrome is a befitting title for CJ Hendry's upcoming four day show (April 5-8 2018) in New York's Brooklyn. It's here that she'll be transforming an industrial space inspired by how her collectors arrange their rooms around an art piece. Using just seven hues CJ will create an interior installation to match her ongoing exploration and fascination with coloured pencils. Find out more on Hypebae
    #girlpower . 13.03.18

    Statement Interior

    Must See
    The Pavilion of Humanity is a collaborative project by Michal Cole and Ekin Onat, two women artists responding to a growing sense of political unrest. Michal's Living Room installation (pictured) caught our attention with its dizzying use of 25,000 corporate men's ties, an object that normally causes us to glaze over. Not here though, it's an evocative prop dealing with much bigger issues as reported by Artlyst. It's on during the 57th Venice Biennale, which will feature Tracey Moffat as Australia's rep this outing. Sisters are doing it for themselves.
    #girlpower . 05.05.17

    Modern Masters

    Must See
    We have so far been thwarted at every attempt to make it to the Heide Museum of Modern Art (due to a comedy of transport miscalculations) so although we wont stop trying, we sadly thought we were going to miss Making Modernism, an exhibition bringing together the work of Georgia O'Keeffe , Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith. As it turns out we'll get our chance to see the these three groundbreaking female artists later in the year at AGNSW, all of whom pushed still life and space into new experimental realms. We have a new three month window from 1 July to 2 October and a ...
    #exhibition #girlpower . 28.02.17