Pontoon Rethink


    Redefining the staycay is Floating Island by Marshall Blecher and Fokstrot Floats. This oversized bobbing buoy provides a perfect retreat in the middle of Copenhagen's harbour. Head to designboom for the full picture. Image Marshall Blecher and Fokstrot.

    #wishwewerehere . 13.04.18

    Flying High

    What better way to celebrate than with an ethereal Janet Echelman woven sculpture. This beautiful colour cloud floated above Madrid's Plaza Mayor in February to celebrate 400 years. Check our dezeen for more information. Image: Joao Ferrand.
    #wishwewerehere . 16.03.18

    Grecian Gratification

    knstrct introduced us to Casa Cook and now we've got a case of seemingly incurable island envy. Situated on Rhodes in Greece, we're itching to be barefoot in this balmy resort. Images by Georg Roske.
    #wishwewerehere . 07.07.17

    Any One of These

    Kicking back with a negroni on Lani's Holiday Island is our idea of zoning out, but we'd be happy at any Simple Pleasures location including the glamping pop-up in Byron Bay at Belongil Fields.
    #wishwewerehere . 19.06.17

    Super Zen

    We're logging off in rural China where Beijing Archstudio have created a stunning spiritual Buddhist retreat and tea house in Tangshan. Think sparse, zen and beautiful; think bliss. Thanks to The Cool Hunter for enlightening us to its charms.
    #wishwewerehere . 09.06.17

    Body Building


    If gyms looked this we'd be in them in more often. Body Building by designer Alberto Biagetti and artist Laura Baldassari is not just fun, but exquisitely executed to boot.

    #wishwewerehere . 12.04.16

    Kruger National Park

    Unplugged in Kruger National Park. Discovered on Travel Dose.
    #wishwewerehere . 19.02.16

    Bond Appeal

    The future of cliff top living according to OPA. Laps before cocktails in this Bond-inspired lair. Scale ArchDaily for the full picture. Image © OPA Works.
    #wishwewerehere . 31.07.15

    Cool, Calm & Collected

    Designed by Marie Deroudilhe Lily of the Valley looks sweet in every way, a spot we'd be happy to while away the hours. Sampled on Knstrct.

    #wishwewerehere . 17.02.15

    Masseria Cimino

    Not only can we imagine the smell of the Adriatic Sea from here, but we can also picture ourselves sipping Prosecco in the comfort of Masseria Cimino's courtyard. Discovered on In/Out.
    #wishwewerehere . 17.10.14

    Today’s Fantasy

    Kindred spirits Knstrct have compiled an impressive list of ‘places we’d like to be' hiking the frequent flyer miles for Wish We Were Here. Top of the list is the Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica, the coolest treehouse community we're seen. And what a way to make an entrance. Image James Lozeau.

    #Architecture #wishwewerehere . 16.10.14


    What we'd give to be on the Balearic Coast in Alexandre De Betak's relaxing house where the red wine flows...literally out of a brass tap. Get roped in on Nowness.
    #wishwewerehere . 15.08.14