WFH Quarantunes


    Adjusting to life in isolation can give rise to some unexpected benefits, one our studio has enjoyed is a total monopoly over your own music choices. No more arguing who will be DJ for the day or subtlely logging onto the studio Spotify account to skip that one a song you can't stand. Now you can finally play 'Killing In The Name' as loud as you like, and on repeat with no complaints.

    Some great COVID-themed playlists have been popping up to get your workday started, Collins Sounds Vol.8 – WFH Quarantunes, Permanent Vacation by Paramount House Hotel, or Rec Club’s Mix Tape 1: The mountain Climber & Mix Tape 2: Bird Dog.

    Along with the recent releases from Childish Gambino, 3.15.20 and Bon Iver's, i,i.

    If you’re really struggling to get motivated on Friday afternoon before your isolation tequila shots, Argonaut's Hot Mess has been go-to resource for the team. Even a fun 90’s Dance Mix can hit the spot.

    #music #studio life 20.05.20