Colorbond® Steel
Brief: Delve deep into the heritage of this iconic Australian brand to create a legacy book documenting the first 40 years of ‘building beautifully’ and acknowledging the diversity of everyone who played a part in the story.

Inspired by the industrial-scale of the challenge, it was essential for us to visually harness the inseparable relationship between the product, and Australia itself, the climactic extremes, the landscape, our national spirit. This was creatively captured, from the corrugated embossed cover through the content mix, use of colour and image-rich design. The impressive impact of Colorbond® Steel on residential, commercial and industrial environments is featured alongside historical milestones and portraits with profiles to offer a personal perspective. A key motivation for Colorbond® was to gift a keepsake to their community. When our client briefed a new project and the positive response from steelworkers, architects and scientists was strong, we knew our job was done.