In The Mood For Merry
Brief: Create an evocative Christmas campaign for Charter Hall shopping centres, that is both traditional and entirely Australian.

Christmas 2020 was unlike any other. Ikon’s ‘In The Mood For Merry’, responded to the spirit of the time and provided solutions that could be adopted and adapted to Charter Hall Retail’s varying shopping requirements.

From our workshop we crafter illustrations and curated imagery for an engaging campaign that captured the hearts of socially-distanced shoppers and their children. Santa appeared live from his Grotto in Lapland, with pre-booked virtual appointments. His in-centre postal system provided a way for children to send him their Christmas lists, and click-and-collect his responses too. Some were able to have Santa photos, for others the moment was captured with their pet; there was something for everyone; we enjoyed the festive collaboration with our client and it worked a treat to draw shoppers into the centres, for the benefit of retail tenants.

The magic of Christmas in 2020 was required to be reimagined. We partnered with Ikon, stepping up the design with a heart-warming style, original thinking and technical savvy, to create a Christmas like no other.
Jessica Pagano, National Marketing Operations Manager, Charter Hall