Man O’ War
Brief: Launch a timeless brand which finely balances the heritage of the Man O’ War vineyards with the uniqueness of the wines they are producing.

Man O’ War takes its appellation from a beautiful, remote region on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island, a place named by navigators in the 1700’s.

The winemakers pride themselves on blending traditional, Old World techniques with New World innovation to produce wines for ‘serious enjoyment’. We’ve adopted this in our approach to the branding, encapsulating the Man O’ War location and philosophy through layering traditional elements with contemporary technology. The result is elegant, adaptable, memorable and ageing gracefully.

Winner Innovation in Wine Marketing: Amcor Awards 2009.

“Ikon has provided a brilliant suite of marketing material that enables us to cut through multiple markets internationally and share our story succinctly.”
Sara Fogarty, Former Sales and Marketing Manager