Rethink: the way you live
Brief: Join a visionary team and draw on our experience in publishing, interiors and lifestlye trends to produce a revolutionary book that inspires and challenges people to rethink the way they live.

Rethink was the result of a collaborative process between Ikon, publisher Tracy Lines (Murdoch Books) and author Amanda Talbot (interior designer, creative consultant, futurist). The book reveals the simultaneous shift in diverse cities and cultures in response to the challenges we are facing globally. Trailblazers from grassroots to highrise share how they live their best life embracing age-old resourcefulness and fast-changing technology.

These fresh perspectives are curated into chapters, concepts and checklists all expressed simply. The finshed product is pure function. Attractive but unadorned, except for a small hole drilled through every page. Is it there to interconnect the book’s ideas, or as a viewing hole to the future? Well that’s open to your interpretation.

Originally released in 2012, it was republished by Chronicle books in 2015 and remains a much-referenced fixture on bookshelves internationally.

Shortlist, Best Designed Specialist Illustrated book: The Australian Publishers Association 61st Annual Book Design Awards 2013.
One of the top 20 Architectural and Design books of 2015: Architectural Digest.

“Two angels joined in on the project – Tracy Lines, my publisher, …and designer Kate Dennis from This is Ikon. They both understood and believed in the book. It was like joining a huge jigsaw puzzle together and I couldn’t have done it without them.”
Amanda Talbot, Author, Rethink: the way you live