Riverside Centre
Brief: Articulate fresh brand positioning for this landmark Brisbane precinct. When conceptualised in the 1980s Riverside Centre was an architectural game-changer and with a progressive upgrade in 2014 needed to re-affirm its position in the current playing field.

Architect Harry Seidler designed Riverside Centre with a generous civic space surrounding a triangular building footprint. His ingenious tower orientation leveraged commanding views of the Brisbane River and was the first city building to do so, ultimately shifting the focus of the entire CBD. In 2014, after major upgrades, owners The GPT Group empowered us to refresh the brand for this respected site.

Ikon executed a strategic brand audit which led us to take light but precise steps to land a subtle yet successful outcome. Our commitment drove us to find the designer of the original brandmark and take heed of his collaboration with Seidler when we redrew the icon. The spectacular location inspired the creative execution and is celebrated in the campaign imagery.

We are proud to help preserve Riverside Centre’s status as a prestigious ‘Golden Triangle’ business hub and confirm its position as a contemporary workplace in this dynamic city.