Brief: Relaunch this distributor of engineered quartz surfaces from the ground up with a completely new brand identity driven by colour, quality, beauty, innovation and value.

Smartstone relaunched in 2011, engaging us to drive and manage the creative direction and execution. Ikon has since played an integral role in establishing the personality and identity that sets this brand apart from its competition.

We strategically positioned Smartstone as ‘the benchmark in stone’ and named the four colour-driven collections after evocative European destinations: Santorini, Toledo, Paris and Milan. The new brandmark and launch campaign worked effectively to encapsulate this aspirational vision.

With the same core client-agency team working together in this dynamic partnership, our consumer-focused creative consistently heroes the product through evocative imagery and messaging. This Smartstone ‘signature’ tailors for various market segments (B2B and B2C) and has been applied seamlessly across all applications, from a personal mobile device to larger-than-life trade fair installations.

Smartstone is now considered one of the leading quartz brands in Australia and with the recent expansion into three global markets we are excited to be taking a wider audience on the journey.

“Working with Ikon has given Smartstone access to a team of creative professionals of world class talent. Ikon is effectively an extension of the Smartstone marketing team and has ensured consistency of messaging, quality and design of the Smartstone brand across all platforms, while keeping the brand relevant, fresh and evolving.”
Belinda Kelaher, Manager Director, Smartstone