Sydney Essential Oil Company
Brief: Evolve the brand to reflect the company’s leadership position and communicate effectively as the business matured, the audience diversified and the market became more sophisticated.

What started as a successful overhaul of the company’s quarterly newsletter grew into a decade-long partnership with this international supplier of essential oils and plant-based raw materials.

Our innovative redesign of the Oily publication aligned strongly with the season to deliver editorial content in a style that reflects the company’s respect for nature and its ethical production values. This led to working strategically together to develop communication material at all levels of SEOC’s business, establishing aspirational brand-specific imagery, designs for local and international trade shows and product launches.

“The Ikon team always takes the time to understand our business, our customers and our needs. Kate Dennis is not only a creative talent, but she is also extremely commercially savvy.”
Eliza McGivern, Former General Manager, Sydney Essential Oil Company